Friday, December 12, 2014

Weregild: Erlik's Story Continues

Weregild is out and ready to go. This short story takes place ten years before the events of Tides of Fate. As the blurb says: Among the warriors of the North the price of leadership is paid in blood. Bonds of kinship and patronage are torn asunder in a killing haze. Young Erlik Rowenson's skein is bound in threads of iron and gold.
The son of Efelwere Ring-breaker is tested and must face a challenge of his own making to secure his place among his father's reavers. It is a clash of steel and wills among the Wolves of the North!
This tale is a prequel of sorts and a stand alone yarn. So for lovers of pulp, anything Vikings, and just good old testosterone driven fights this is for you.

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